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SALES: (414) 376-0862
SERVICE: (414) 369-4552
6321 S 108th St (Hwy 100), Franklin, WI  53132
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Ewald Truck Center serving Franklin. Find a location.

Ewald Truck Center - Serving Franklin & Milwaukee

Ewald Truck Center

Ewald Truck Center is conveniently located in central Franklin. Our store is in Franklin, WI, just a short drive from any Franklin neighborhood. We have an extensive collection of used trucks in stock that are perfect for your daily Franklin commute, your weekend drives, your family outings to famous Franklin sites or your weekend racer. Regardless of your lifestyle Ewald Truck Center has a perfect vehicle for you. Make your move and come see us at our convenient Franklin location.

Our Used Truck Dealership

Ewald Truck Center takes pride in offering one of the finest vehicles showrooms in Franklin. Our FIoor to ceiling windows offer a sunshine filled atmosphere, our guest lounge is comfortable and upscale and our staff is here to please you.

Ewald Truck Center Used Trucks For Sale

Ewald Truck Center offers many brands of trucks, SUVs and cars for the Franklin area. Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Ram, Chevy, and many other brands of trucks, SUVs, and cars. The Franklin sales team brings you the best in pre-owned vehicles in the Franklin area. Just a short drive from Plant City, Polk City, and Bartow.

Diesel Trucks For Sale

If you are looking for the best diesel trucks for sale, look no further than Ewald Truck Center in Franklin, WI. We are proud to carry a wide selection of Chevy Diesel Trucks For Sale, Dodge Diesel Trucks For Sale, Ford Diesel Trucks For Sale, & Ram Diesel Trucks For Sale. Stop in today to find the diesel truck with the Cummins, Duramax, or Power Stroke engine you are looking for with Ewald Truck Center in Franklin, WI.

Ewald Truck Center Contact Information

Ewald Truck Center is Located in Franklin, WI. Our address is 425 South Lake Parker AVE. Franklin, WI 33801 You can call us at (414) 376-0862.

Used Trucks For Sale near Milwaukee, WI

Ewald Truck Center is conveniently located just a short drive from Milwaukee, WI. Our Used Trucks for sale, and vehicles service department is worth the short drive, to have better vehicles experience. So if you are looking for used trucks Milwaukee, make the short drive from Milwaukee to Franklin and find the used trucks for sale you are looking for today.

Used Trucks For Sale near Waukesha, WI

Ewald Truck Center is conveniently located in Franklin a short drive from Waukesha, WI. Waukesha residents looking for a better used truck shopping experience have been loyal Ewald Truck Center customers since the beginning. We have a large selection of Lifted trucks Waukesha drivers are sure to love. So if you are looking for used pickup trucks for sale in Waukesha WIorida, make the short drive from Waukesha to Franklin and come see us at Ewald Truck Center!

New Trucks for Sale

Toyota Tundra Leasing Wisconsin, Used Auto Dealer Near Me, CPO

Article Preview ImageWhen Reliable and Resale Matter on the Job Are you looking for a truck that you can put to work and know that itís going to be able to offer you the most value when itís time for an upgrade? If so, youíll love the Toyota Tundra when youíre looking for the leasing value that can make a huge difference for you on the road and at the jobsite. No matter where in Wisconsin you need to go for the work you do, this impressive truck is what youíll need with the qualities youíre after. ...

Toyota Tundra Leasing Shorewood,Used Auto Dealer Near Me, CPO

Article Preview ImageHow do You Want Your Tundra? If youíre looking for the pickup truck that can help you pull the trailer or the boat where your job requires the Toyota Tundra can be the right choice for you. Not every job that requires a truck is one that deals with construction and not ever truck is right for every job. The Tundra is offered with some amazing leasing programs to make driving this truck around Shorewood much easier for you. Whether you have to pull a load or just take the gear you need to the jobsite, this can be the truck you want. ...

Ram 2500 Lease Shorewood, Used Auto Dealer Near Me, CPO

Article Preview ImageHeavy Duty Power and Performance There are some jobs that require more power in the truck thatís brought to the jobsite. When you want to have the vehicle that will always offer you the impressive towing power and performance that you need to get the job done you need to take a look at the Ram 2500. This truck is built for the hard work that you want to get done and itís available at an affordable lease price that will make it possible for you to get to work and handle the capability you need in Shorewood. ...

Used Trucks for Sale

Toyota Tundra Pricing Shorewood, Dealership Near Me, Lease Deals

Article Preview ImageWhat Will You Find? The decision to find a pickup truck that can be put to work is one that takes some time and energy for you to think about and decide if itís right for you. Whether youíre starting a new business or youíve been in an established one for some time, the addition of another work truck or your first work truck is an expense you need to ensure you can afford. When you see the Toyota Tundra pricing offered at the Ewald Truck Center in Franklin, WI, youíll be able to have the truck you want for the work you do in Shorewood. ...

Ram 1500 Wisconsin, Dealership Near Me, Lease Deals

Article Preview ImageWhen You Have a Business to Run If youíve got a small business that is basically you, your truck and your tools to get the job done, you need to have a truck thatís affordable, reliable and powerful. The Ram 1500 can be the right truck for you to make sure you can get the jobs done youíre hired for in Wisconsin. To save money and still have the quality and power you want, the place to go for this truck is the Ewald Truck Center in Franklin, WI, where youíll find an excellent selection to choose from. ...

Ram 1500 Waukesha, Dealership Near Me, Lease Deals

Article Preview ImageDonít Show Off; Just Get the Job Done Youíve seen the flashy cars and trucks driving around your area that are dolled up with graphics and lights that make a scene on the road but donít seem to be able to get much accomplished. When you have your priorities right, you need a vehicle that can get the job done and if thatís your work truck then you need to see what the team at the Ewald Truck Center in Franklin, WI have for you. This is where youíre going to find the right Ram 1500 to put to work in Waukesha that will get the job done every single day for you. ...